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Which CMS You Should Use

Hosting setup complete? Now its time to choose the right CMS for your website. Choosing CMS depends on your requirement of the website’s content. There are many web CMS available for free. You just have to chose the best one for you. Here I am

Why Should You Avoid Free Hosting

There are many web hosting companies to provide free web-hosting (I should not mention them). If you google for “free hosting” the SERP will give you many free hosting sites with unlimited features like paid hostings. Then what is the difference? Why not go for

Secure Your WordPress Site From Unauthorized Login

Now add some extra security in your wordpress site with the “Login Lock” Plugin. This is one of the best security plugins from wordpress. It provides Emergency Lockdown, Enforces Strong passwords,  Monitoring login attempts, Blocks Hacker’s IP addresses, etc.. Just download and add to your

Two Minimal Clean Blogger and WordPress Templates

Here are two fantastic minimal, clean, responsive templates for both wordpress and blogger.Originally the templates were designed for wordpress and then they were converted to blogger templates by These are two column templates and designed using the latest Html5 and Css3 technology.Templates are not

Get Ready for WordPress 3.5

Are you ready to welcome WordPress 3.5? Yes, its coming soon.. December 5 is the target for releasing wordpress 3.5. The most interesting thing is the new theme Twenty Twelve is been packed with it. More details about the release of Twenty Twelve is on my previous

Twenty Twelve is Coming Soon

The new default theme for wordpress 3.5 is under process now and will be available for 3.4.1 very soon. The core WordPress 3.5 is coming with the new Twenty Twelve. WordPress 3.5 final will be available from 5th December as said. This will be a

Admin Username Changer for WordPress

Secure your wordpress blog by changing your administrator username. By default the administrator username in wordpress is “admin” which makes the job easier for hackers, they only need to find out the password. Now, you can change the default admin username to your liking. No