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Sql Injection Vulnerability

These days hacking been a nightmare for the webmasters. But we should always remember that, if there is no Hacking there’ll be no Security upgrade. There are many types of web vulnerabilities like Sql injections, Cross Site Scripting, DDos etc. Here I’ll tell you about the most

SEO Updated Blogger Photo Template Simplify

Simplify is a very nice Photo blogging template for blogger by Bloggermint. jQuery colorbox and thumbnail view features are included for Photography Blog. It is very light weight and responsive. I have made this template SEO friendly and updated some features. Bellow are the features

Which CMS You Should Use

Hosting setup complete? Now its time to choose the right CMS for your website. Choosing CMS depends on your requirement of the website’s content. There are many web CMS available for free. You just have to chose the best one for you. Here I am

Why Should You Avoid Free Hosting

There are many web hosting companies to provide free web-hosting (I should not mention them). If you google for “free hosting” the SERP will give you many free hosting sites with unlimited features like paid hostings. Then what is the difference? Why not go for