googleGoogle is an American multinational technology company founded by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in 1998. Google has grown from a search engine company to a business that offers everything from web browser, operating system, cloud computing, Android, smartphones, VR devices and lots more.

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Meet ARA – Modular Phone Project by Google

What if I tell you that you can assemble your phone? Yes! Google is working on a project called “ARA” and Yes! it runs on your favorite Os Android. ARA is a modular mobile phone contains all the functionality of a smartphone plus six flexible slots

Get Extra 2GB of Google Drive Storage for FREE

Yes its not fake! You really can have extra 2GB of storage in your Google account for Google Drive, Photos, Email or other contents. Generally Google offers you 15 GB of free storage, but using this you can have extra 2 GB that means total

Google TV – The Next Generation TV Technology

Smart TV is already on market. Now take your TV to the next generation with Google TV. Google TV is a internet TV system which enhances the TV you’re used to with over 100,000 movies and TV episodes on demand, thousands of YouTube channels, apps, &

Google Plus Comments in Blogger

Again a awesome feature for bloggers(blogspot) from Google. Blogger introduced a new comment system by using Google plus comments in blogger. This will not just take your blog to the next level but build your blog’s social impact better. Its very easy to implement the

New Fantastic Google + Followers Widget for Blogger

Now its time to say “good bye” to the old Blogger follower widget as blogger has introduced a new cool looking “Google+ Followers” widget for you.Have you already been upgraded your blogger profile to Google+ one? If not then click here to start.If yes then