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Events from Facebook may Replace your Calendar

Last week Facebook announced a New Events app which may replace your default Calendar. Yes Facebook is finally working on Events Calendar for iPhone and Android. Besides knocking you on your friends’ birthdays it will also help you create events with your friends no matter wherever you are. Aditya

Meet ARA – Modular Phone Project by Google

What if I tell you that you can assemble your phone? Yes! Google is working on a project called “ARA” and Yes! it runs on your favorite Os Android. ARA is a modular mobile phone contains all the functionality of a smartphone plus six flexible slots

Finally WhatsApp for Windows & Mac is Official

Yes! Its official. WhatsApp is finally available for Windows pc and Mac. Now you don’t have to check your phone all the time while you are working on your pc; you just have to install WhatsApp for Windows or Mac.  If you have already used WhatsApp Web then

Why Companies Need Mobile Marketing to Stay Afloat in Today’s Market

In modern business, connectivity is king. In 2015, the world witnessed mobile marketing’s tipping point. This year, smartphone-enabled solutions are dominating the industry. Brands and technology are both growing, and innovative mobile marketing methods are taking over today’s strategies. Mobile email, SMS, apps and mobile

Get Extra 2GB of Google Drive Storage for FREE

Yes its not fake! You really can have extra 2GB of storage in your Google account for Google Drive, Photos, Email or other contents. Generally Google offers you 15 GB of free storage, but using this you can have extra 2 GB that means total