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Why Should You Avoid Free Hosting

There are many web hosting companies to provide free web-hosting (I should not mention them). If you google for “free hosting” the SERP will give you many free hosting sites with unlimited features like paid hostings. Then what is the difference? Why not go for

Portfolio for Members in Buddypress

Now let your social network users have a personal protofolio in buddypress.Buddypress is a wordpress plugin to create a social network using wordpress.BuddyPress Portfolio is an exciting new plugin that allows members to create their own simple portfolios within your community. It can be used

Manage All WordPress Sites Easily from One Dashboard

Are you a website controller? Tired of logging into multiple wordpress site? Its a great idea for you. Now manage all of your wordpress site from one dashboard with more features and security. It has securi.net integraton, so don’t hesitate  for security. It has two factor Authentication which

Create Your Own Blogger Template

I found a great tutorial of creating your own blogger template with some basic ideas.If you want to alter your blog’s design more radically, though, then you’ll need to change your blog’s template. There are many nice free Blogger templates available for download, but for

Creating a Simple Twitter Plugin for WordPress

Introducing a nice tutorial about creating a simple twitter plugin for wordpress. Just read the article and its very interesting. So, I’m sharing with you.Lets try yourself. visit the link bellow for full article. Tutorial Details Program: WordPress Version: 3.2+ Difficulty: Easy Estimated Completion Time: 10 minute To Read

Custom "Page Not Found" for Blogger

Hey!! Blogger has a new feature that is very useful to make your blog more professional. It also helps to get more SEO score.Yes! Now you can set a customized message for your visitor who are lost and get them back to your blog.I have

5 Most Popular Open Source Blogging Scripts

After choosing a right hosting for a blog why pay for blogging scripts? The most popular blogging scripts are open source. Yes, its time to choose the perfect blogging software for yourself. Here are 5 best blogging scripts for you. The scripts are not so