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WordPress Facebook Post Embed Plugin by TSD

I’m very excited to announce my first plugin for wordpress: “WordPress Facebook Post Embed”. Facebook has added a new feature called “embedded posts” like twitter. This feature is not currently publicly usable though. Some popular web-news, magazine sites are using this feature. I came across

WordPress Newsletter 3.2.6 Vulnerable to XSS

WordPress Newsletter plugin version 3.2.6 is vulnerable to Cross Site Scripting (XSS). This is a very popular Newsletter plugin for wordpress which already have 605,780+ downloads. This vulnerability has been found by Gjoko Krstic. Plugin vulnerability is already reported and fixed in the new version. According to

Secure Your WordPress Site From Unauthorized Login

Now add some extra security in your wordpress site with the “Login Lock” Plugin. This is one of the best security plugins from wordpress. It provides Emergency Lockdown, Enforces Strong passwords,  Monitoring login attempts, Blocks Hacker’s IP addresses, etc.. Just download and add to your

Admin Username Changer for WordPress

Secure your wordpress blog by changing your administrator username. By default the administrator username in wordpress is “admin” which makes the job easier for hackers, they only need to find out the password. Now, you can change the default admin username to your liking. No

Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

Live Chat is a great plugin for wordpress websites. Online users can Chat with each other without any type of registrations.It looks like facebook chat. Its position is fixed to the right bottom corner. It has minimize and maximize options. What you have to do

Portfolio for Members in Buddypress

Now let your social network users have a personal protofolio in buddypress.Buddypress is a wordpress plugin to create a social network using wordpress.BuddyPress Portfolio is an exciting new plugin that allows members to create their own simple portfolios within your community. It can be used

Vibe SEO Pack Plugin for WordPress

Today I’ll tell you about a great SEO plugin for wordpress. It is a complete solution for SEO for wordpress. WordPress is a great choice for Search Engine Optimized CMS or Blog. Most of the features are already Optimized. But in practical you have to