Manage All WordPress Sites Easily from One Dashboard

Are you a website controller? Tired of logging into multiple wordpress site?
Its a great idea for you. Now manage all of your wordpress site from one dashboard with more features and security.
It has integraton, so don’t hesitate  for security. It has two factor Authentication which will give your website a extra security layer.
  • Accessing all of your WordPress sites is now a breeze with our intuitive one-click access. Simply click on the WordPress site you want to manage, and you’re instantly logged in and ready to manage. No more passwords! 
  • Managing your themes and plugins is no longer a hassle. It’s now easy to review which of your WordPress sites have themes and plugins that need updating. With one click, all of your plugins and themes will be updated.
  • With premium uptime monitoring tools, you’ll ensure that your WordPress sites will continue to run smoothly so that your business can continue to function at full capacity. But if something does go wrong, you’ll be the first to know.
  • Did someone prominent link to you? Has your latest post gone viral? Is your site being attacked by spam bots? With our powerful alerts tool, you’ll be able to monitor traffic spikes. Now you can be sure to take advantage of great opportunities.
  • Why spend money on expensive SEO packages? We include powerful SEO analysis tools without the extra costs. Use this information to know where you stand, and use it to improve your search engine rankings.
  • Checking in on your sites’ performance is a breeze with our Google Analytics integration. All of the vital information that you need to make informed decisions about which directions your WordPress sites should take is always available to you.
  • Your WordPress data is really valuable — you’re only a moment away from complete disaster. So make sure you do it right! Use our service and enjoy premium-quality backup services for all of your WordPress sites. and lots more…

Watch the video for details…

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