WordPress 3.4 "Green" Released


WordPress 3.4 has been released to give you more freedom in customizing themes. Tired of clicking the preview again and again? Just upgrade to WordPress 3.4 and get on page template preview with customization options. Not just that, You can decide for yourself how tall or wide your custom header image should be. From now on, themes will provide a recommended image size for custom headers rather than a fixed requirement.
Tired of re-uploading the same custom header image every time you check out a new theme? Now you can choose header images from your media library for easier customization. 
Another great feature is Twitter Embeds. 

You can now embed individual tweets in posts. It includes action links that allow readers to reply to, retweet, and favorite the tweet without leaving your site. Just paste a tweet URL on its own line.

This works with URLs from some other sites, too. For more, see the Codex article on Embeds.

Other Features:
  • Basic HTML support has been added to the caption field in the image uploader. This allows you to add links — great for photo credits or licensing details — and basic formatting such as bold and italicized text.
  • Post queries have been optimized to improve performance, especially for sites with large databases.
  • The number of strings loaded on the front end was greatly reduced, resulting in faster front page load times for localized installations. Also, better support for East Asian languages, right-to-left languages, theme translations, and more.
  • jQuery, jQuery UI, TinyMCE, Plupload, PHPMailer, SimplePie, and other libraries were updated. jQuery UI Touch Punch was introduced.
  • WP_Theme, wp_get_themes(), wp_get_theme(). Faster, uses less memory, makes use of persistent caching.
  • Instead of appending /wp-admin or /wp-login.php to URLs to login you can now use these shorthands. /login will take you to the login screen and both /admin and /dashboard to the WordPress dashboard.
  • As pointed out by Andrea Rennick in Trac ticket #18831, a 10MB default limit on individual site upload totals is a bit small. This was bumped up to 100MB in core, so that if it’s something you commonly change in your Multisite setups you won’t have to do that next time.
If you have no idea what are these please follow the link and get started. 

News Sources: wordpress.orgwpcandy.com

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