Which CMS You Should Use

Which CMS You Should Use

Which CMS You Should Use

Hosting setup complete? Now its time to choose the right CMS for your website. Choosing CMS depends on your requirement of the website’s content. There are many web CMS available for free. You just have to chose the best one for you. Here I am going to discuss about the most popular Open Source web CMS  WordPress, Joomla, Drupal. Lets check out the features and find your best one.
WordPress is the best Blogging CMS. You can create a high quality premium like website without any programming knowledge. WordPress is very user friendly and priceless. There are thousands of developers working on wordpress core system and plugin development. You’ll get both free and premium themes from many websites. WordPress is built in SEO. Url structure, meta tag options are  easily accessible. There are so many plugins to enhance your website to a high quality Website. Security system of wordpress is very high.

Joomla is also a popular CMS. With millions of websites running on Joomla, the software is used by individuals, small & medium-sized businesses, and large organizations worldwide to easily create & build a variety of websites & web-enabled applications. Joomla is mainly for web application developers. You can create a SEO friendly website with Joomla also. It has a good security system.

Drupal is for web application developers. You can create a high quality web application using Drupal. Use Drupal to build everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Thousands of add-on modules and designs let you build any site you can imagine. There are so many modules to extend your web application to a new generation. If you are not a developer you should avoid Drupal.

At the conclusion I must suggest that, If you are slightly familiar with coding and designing, using wordpress you can create a unbelievable high quality website. 

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Sunil is the founder of The Soul of Design. He is a passionate blogger, Web application Developer, Musician. Expert on php, codeigniter, Wordpress, bootstrap etc.

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