Why Should You Avoid Free Hosting

Why Should You Avoid Free Hosting

Why Should You Avoid Free Hosting

There are many web hosting companies to provide free web-hosting (I should not mention them). If you google for “free hosting” the SERP will give you many free hosting sites with unlimited features like paid hostings. Then what is the difference? Why not go for free? Its been a very common question for now. Today I’ll tell you my own experience about free web-hostings and domains. I am searching for a good free web hosting since 2009 but still not found any which I can trust on. The problems of free web hosting are following.

Limitation & Hidden Charges
There are several type of limitations in those hostings. Such as Account Suspension due to high server load. I was testing a Buddypress plugin when I got the message and my account was suspended for a week. In some hosting providers you’ll get limited mysql access which is very bad for wordpress, joomla like CMS.
Most of these web hostings have Hidden Charges which you’ll find in later date to be expensive.
But in Paid hosting there is nothing hidden to you. You’ll get all the features mentioned in your plan.

No Technical Support
This is also a very dangerous problem of free hostings. Most of the cases you’ll find that there is no Technical Support(Actually Working) available in their hosting company. Just a few days ago I was testing a CMS and suddenly the control panel’s status said “Your Nameserver is not pointing to the hosting”, but there was no problem in nameserver configuration. So I was looking for a support email of their company and found one. But the problem is that email address was invalid. So there is no option but to leave everything if there is any issue from their side.
But in Paid hosting there is 24×7 online and offline working technical support. And the support team always welcomes you.

Server Timeout Error!
Most of the time you’ll get a Server timeout error while accessing your website but your control panel will work easily because they are not hosted on a free server.

Sensitive Data Theft
Though I never experienced this type of problem, I heard this from many webmasters. The first thing is they are not trusted, How can you believe them? If you are storing some useful and private data into their server, always there is a fear data theft. If you are still using a free web host, I suggest atleast don’t use their email service.

Advertisement Trouble
Some of the free web hosting service says they are advertisement free. But my own experience says they are fraud. They’ll forcefully give advertisements into your site. Sometimes they are not visible to public but still advertising through your site.
But in Paid hosting there is no Advertisement trouble.

Spam and Malware
Free hosting services are mostly used for hacking, spamming purpose. So Google has already deindexed many free hostings and domains. As an example: You’ll never get a search result from google containing any CO.CC domain. As Google stated:

We’ve seen some web hosts and bulk subdomain services become major sources of malware and spam. We try hard to be granular in our actions when protecting our users and search quality, but if we see a very large fraction of sites on a specific web host that are spammy or are distributing malware, we may be forced to take action on the web host as a whole

Poor Security
The security systems of the free hosting are of very low quality. So your site may get hacked easily. if your site accepts sensitive information such as credit card data or other personal information, don’t expect a free host to provide you with a secure SSL connection as most good professional hosts would.

I’ll suggest that if you are building websites for any good purpose/ business/ personal please use any Paid web hosting and Domain. If you are testing your skills then free hosting is the best place for you.
If you don’t want to spent a penny for hosting, Just use WordPress.Com or Blogger. They have custom domain option that means you can add your own domain to your website. There are so many high quality free templates which will give your site a very nice professional look.
If you want any suggestion or have any query please feel free to ask here in comments or email me

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