How to Delete/Manage Your Personal Data from Google

How to Delete/Manage Your Personal Data from Google

How to Delete/Manage Your Personal Data from Google

To improve your experience Google stores your private data like your searches, YouTube history, voice commands etc. Its on Google so no need to worry, they are safe. But still if you want to control them – manage, delete or you want to disable the feature, these information may help you.

What type of data Google stores?

  • Your Personal info – Name, Email ID, Phone Number, Birthday etc.
  • Your searches and browsing activity – which enables customized experiences in Search, Maps, Now, and other Google products.
  • Your Location History – It creates a private map of where you go with your signed-in devices in order to provide improved map searches, commute routes etc.
  • Information from your devices – It stores your contacts, calendars, apps, and other device data to improve your experience across Google.
  • Your voice searches and commands – Voice & Audio Activity helps recognize your voice and improve speech recognition by storing your voice and audio inputs to your account.
  • YouTube Search & Watch History – It  stores your YouTube searches and watched videos to make your future searches faster and improve your video recommendations.21_column1_320

“First and foremost, we use data to make our services faster, smarter, and more useful to you. For example, if you search for “coffee” from your mobile phone, location information from your phone can help us show you results for nearby cafés, not just an article about the history of coffee.”  -Google

Know more about What does Google do with your data.

How to Manage/Delete?

You can directly go to or follow the bellow steps.

  1. Go to http://google.com1
  2. Click on “Sign In” on the upper right corner
  3. Now sign in using your account details
  4. After signing in you must be redirected to Google’s home page.
  5. Now you can see your photo(if uploaded)/Blank face on the upper right corner
  6. Click on the Photo and then Click on My Account as seen in the picture.
  7. Now on My Account page, Click on Personal Info & Privacy as in the bellow picture.2
  8. Now in Personal Info & Privacy page you can control your contents shared with Google. You can disable/enable or delete browsing history, voice commands, youtube searches, location info etc.

You can also download your data on google here

And there are more controls like How you use Google, Ad settings, Inactive account manager etc.

Hope this will be helpful. Share if you think it is useful.

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