Facebook Messenger Might Soon Get SMS Integration & Multiple Accounts


Long ago Facebook Messenger was a dual client like Hangouts, for both instant messaging and SMS but it was removed later.¬†Facebook Messenger’s SMS is again coming back to app. I don’t know how much it will be beneficial but still you might be able to add multiple facebook accounts in Messenger.nexus2cee_facebook-messenger-sms-1

As you’ve seen in Google’s Messenger for SMS, Facebook’s new SMS feature in Messenger will do the same. So you’ll be able to send Facebook Message or SMS from a single application. Also in some leaked pictures a Blue Action bar and a Create new Button from Material design has been seen.

As Google already has the SMS messenger so there is a question mark on How it’ll be really beneficial to users.

And another feature Multiple accounts in Messenger is also coming soon but according to me it is also a bogus idea. What do you think about these? You can share your views here in comment.

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