Why Companies Need Mobile Marketing to Stay Afloat in Today’s Market

Why Companies Need Mobile Marketing to Stay Afloat in Today’s Market

Why Companies Need Mobile Marketing to Stay Afloat in Today’s Market

In modern business, connectivity is king. In 2015, the world witnessed mobile marketing’s tipping point. This year, smartphone-enabled solutions are dominating the industry. Brands and technology are both growing, and innovative mobile marketing methods are taking over today’s strategies.

Mobile email, SMS, apps and mobile web platforms all contribute to the smartphone-centric business movement, and companies are urged to keep up with emergent strategies. Below, we discuss why businesses need to adopt mobile marketing to stay afloat, and we pinpoint the mobile world’s biggest trends backing the shift:

One: Mobile Video Ads are Winning

Smartphone video advertising is one of the key utilities provided by smartphone marketing. Consumers are turning away from the television, and they’re preferring mobile video. By 2020, mobile video is expected to collect over $13 billion in revenue. Viral Facebook video campaigns, MMS marketing schemes and even YouTube click campaigns are thriving. In upcoming years, they’ll be top-dog investments.

Two: Mobile is the Chief Advertising Platform

Mobile advertisement is big—and it’s only getting bigger. By 2019, mobile advertising is expected to constitute 72 percent of America’s digital ad spend. Experts agree upon mobile advertisement’s benefits, and they’re engaging consumers with real-time, multi-channel ads. Watch out: Mobile advertisement is taking over desktop advertisement. If you’re not quick enough, you’ll miss the shift entirely.

Three: Text Marketing Apps are Reaching Millennials

Every company targets generational consumers. Millennials have come of age, and they’re driving much of modern marketing. More importantly, they consider The Internet of Things to be the sole driving source behind much of modern business.

For this reason, mobile marketed text apps are being used to drive sales. Mobile marketers are paying close attention to Millennials, and they’re powering future strategies with their behavior. In the next five years, Millennials will be crucial to business success. Now is the time to target them with text marketing apps.

Four: Augmented Reality will be Preferred

The dream of augmented reality services is becoming a reality itself. Smartwatches connected to mobile devices, tablets and even televisions are sparking in-store revolutions, ushering in the “age of augmentation.” For this reason, mobile adoption is critical. End-to-end consumer products and services, likely, will be powered by augmented reality within this decade. In 2016, augmented reality will kick off.

Five: Numbers Don’t Lie

The statistics surrounding mobile marketing are telling. 4.8 billion global consumers are expected to use mobile devices by the end of 2016. Additionally, 75 percent of Internet users prioritized mobile for a main access point in 2015. Mobile devices aren’t commodities anymore. They’re intimately tied into the consumer’s way of life.

The smartphone is outpacing other technology, and it’ll soon become a central display for product demos, thermostat readings, health information and more. Consumer time spent online is only increasing, too, fortifying the world of smartphone-based browsing. The average person between ages 16 and 24 spends a little over three hours per day on mobile browsing. Companies simply can’t neglect the numbers any longer.

Companies can, however, invest in new, immersive mobile marketing platforms. Automated SMS senders, app creation software and mobile web design kits are generating triumphant solutions, and business providers are enhancing their brand framework with total mobile integration. If your company hasn’t yet, it should check out mobile marketing. While the consumer is constantly browsing, clicking, moving and making purchases, the smartphone is ever-available. Make sure you’re capitalizing on it.

What’s Next?

What do you think of what I’ve covered so far? Will you adopt mobile as your tool for marketing?  I would love to read your comments below.

This is a guest post by Sophorn Chhay

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