Introducing Spaces by Google – a Small Group Sharing for Everyone


Introducing Spaces by Google a tool for small group sharing. It’s simple to find and share articles, videos and images within the app. In whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or in any other social network there is already Group sharing options but what makes Spaces special is it comes with Google Search, Youtube, Chrome built in.

We wanted to build a better group sharing experience, so we made a new app called Spaces that lets people get people together instantly to share around any topic. –Google

You can create a space just by one tap and name the topic; then invite people and share with them- as simple as that.


What you can do is quick create a space, share anything – article, links, images, videos, have conversation, search contents and more. Though there are already group sharing apps available, searching contents and browsing without leaving the app makes spaces unique.

02_retrieval_searchSpaces app is available on Android, iOs or you can just use the web version at

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