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Hi! Thank you for taking a little time to read about The Soul of Design. Myself Sunil started this blog in 2010 and named it The Soul of Design in 2012. I like to read a lot and put that knowledge into practical implementation. I have always been a learner and have gained knowledge in Php, Blogger, WordPress, customization, on site SEO, penetration testing etc. and I look forward to share those with you all.

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Sunil K Samanta


Sunil is the founder as well as the author of The Soul of Design. He is a passionate blogger, Web application Developer, Musician. Expert on php, MySQL, Oracle, MongoDB, Node.js, WordPress, bootstrap etc.

Sunit Kr. Samanta

Android Apps Developer

A Java developer, in love with Android, and passionate for Travelling. He has been working on this fantastic mobile platform, Android, since 3+ years. This time frame allowed him exposure on UI designing, API and importing advanced technologies in mobile App.

  • Location: Kolkata
  • Website: Link

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